Friday, March 13, 2015

Hemp Oil Hustlers on Notice

After recent investigations into CBD businesses in the US, the FDA has issued a warning to 7 CBD makers for making medical claims about their products, and for selling so-called CBD products that contain little or no CBD.

The companies warned were:

Several of these companies web sites have recently been shut down. 

Some medical marijuana activists cheered the decision, as they expect it will lead to higher standards for safety and quality, as well as shake out some of the more disreputable characters in the market.

However some activists are concerned that the FDA is sticking with it's claim that there are no medical benefits from CBD whether it's legally derived from hemp or from marijuana, leaving the door open to targeting legitimate CBD businesses in the future.

It's ironic for the FDA to continue claiming that CBD has no medical benefits, even while granting fast track approval for British company GW Pharmaceuticals new CBD drug "Epidiolex".

The US government also owns a patent on medical marijuana (Patent #6630507), so such schizophrenic stances come as no surprise. Hopefully the federal medical marijuana bill making it's way through the senate* passes the house and brings a bit of sanity to the current policy.

*The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act of 2015

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CBD 101 - The Basics

Let's start at the beginning of this CBD boom. In 2013, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN made a documentary called "Weed", in which he reversed his position on marijuana having no medical benefits, and showed how CBD is being used to treat children with epilepsy. It's been found to have neuro-protective as well as anti inflammatory qualities.

The parents in the documentary had to move to Colorado to obtain CBD made from a special high CBD strain of marijuana, which is illegal outside of the states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

The CBD on the mass market being sold nationwide and basically worldwide is made from industrial hemp, or just a plain hemp seed oil placebo (see CBD Crooks). Products made from industrial hemp, specifically the seeds and stalk of industrial hemp are legal to import as food (oil and seeds) and linen (hemp stalk fiber).

 Last year Gupta and CNN released "Weed 2", a follow up one year later on the people who appeared in the first documentary, and the legal cannabis situation in Colorado. These two documentaries are extremely helpful if you are looking to know the basics on CBD and medical marijuana.

Unfortunately for those who are fanatically anti-science and anti-cannabis, no amount of anecdotal or scientific evidence will do.   

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